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Our mission at WINDSOR PET NANNY is to supply responsible companion services for your pet family members whether canine, feline, equine or other that meet and exceed expectations. Providing a companion for walks, runs, home care check ins, potty breaks, play time and many more quality interactions that enable your cherished friends to remain comfortable in the absence of their very busy human companions.


Our team firmly believes that you and your beloved pets deserve our honesty, respect, focused attention and very best effort as we work with you to develop efficient, and innovative solutions which will address your pets individualized needs.

WINDSOR PET NANNY will implement a flexible schedule which we feel is strongly required for people just like ourselves who value their time and have the will to balance a pet’s personal needs alongside inflexible work schedules, holidays and other personal appointments and obligations. Our team provides compassionate quality care for your pets while they can remain in their chosen environment helping to reduce anxiety and stress.


We believe that by listening carefully to your concerns and suggestions and then employing our knowledge, experience and creative thinking, we will provide the most fluent services that are appropriate to each identified specific requirement and through the dedication of our pet companions we will build a trusting relationship with you while attending to your pets comfort, remaining over time a reliable partner in their Health, Wellness and Fitness  allowing you peace of mind in the knowledge that your pets welfare is never being neglected due to constrictions of time and other obligations you might have.


WINDSOR PET NANNY’s dedication to your pets’ individual provisions is testimony to a belief in pet care of the highest standards and the value that this provides to you and your beloved pets. Implementation of caring flexible programs and services confirms our businesses standards ensuring your pets wellness needs are met on a continuing basis despite the busy time schedules that we all must endure in todays fast paced society. We will continue to be a focused organization, who provides exceptional quality, while continuously researching new and innovative wellness services to keep your pets content and comfortable, lessening the anxiety which could manifest into troublesome habits.


WINDSOR PET NANNY takes pride in our efficient services, delivered from the first meeting that establishes pet service benchmarks.

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